Common Questions

Is It Safe?

Ortho-K is a very safe and reversible procedure. Ortho-K for near-sightedness was approved for all ages by the FDA in 2002. It has been widely practiced in other countries for much longer. However with any contact lens wear, there is a small risk, most typically a minor infection easily addressed by antibiotic drops. This risk is greatly minimized by adopting a regime of very careful cleaning and disinfecting, by wearing the lenses as prescribed and by maintaining the necessary progress visits.

How Long Does It Take?

It can take from one to four weeks to achieve excellent vision. However, some people achieve this vision in one day. The speed is partially determined by your prescription strength.

Are There Age Restrictions for Ortho-K?

No, the FDA placed no age restrictions, it is a great option for children and teens that are involved in sports or other activities.

Is Ortho-K Painful?

No, it is not painful. Initially, you may have a slight awareness of the contact lenses in your eye. You will not feel the lenses when you sleep and there is no sense of the corneal change, just visual improvement when the lenses are removed.

Is Ortho-K Reversible?

Unlike surgery, if you stop wearing your retainer lenses, your eyes will revert back to their original prescription.

Will My Insurance Cover Ortho-K?

If regular contact lens exams and contacts are covered under your vision plan, ortho-k and contacts may be partially covered. Check with your benefits plan administrator to be sure.

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